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See what we think of our past vintages. Here we reveal their characteristics and particularities.

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This was a great year for some exceedingly fine Burgundy wines. The growing and reproductive cycles of the vines, from spring to autumn, went very well. Nevertheless, the skills of the wine producer came into their own with this vintage: the July weather led to the development of grey rot (botrytis), mildew and powdery mildew.

Flowering took place under good conditions, except towards the end when millerandage (shot berries) occurred. But all in all, July and August were all right, neither too hot nor too wet. And a few mild storms did nothing to prevent ripening. The 2009 grapes that went into the vats were in good health, with thick skins and perfect sweetness, and good overall balance.

It can be said that 2009 is a sunny vintage. All fruit was good in that year. The wines will be classy and elegant, very pleasant to drink. The Pinot Noir wines have the smoothness and nobility of the very great vintages.



A fairly unpropitious climate but this vintage is a fine one

The growing cycle was slower than usual due to low temperatures for the season. After some hailstorms in late June, summer set in and helped good growth. But rain was fairly frequent, causing millerandage (shot berries) and difficulty in fruit setting, which meant lower yields. Most of the harvesting took place in good weather, not too hot, and even a slight touch of frost at dawn. But unfortunately the later harvests were done in the rain.

The final quantities are lower than a normal year (30% less). This vintage is one of a traditional, northern climate. But maturity was quite decent, with a good alcohol level, good phenolic ripeness and fine balance.

The 2010 Burgundies, both red and white, are full of surprises. The whites reflect the whole aromatic panoply of the Chardonnays and will be typical of the terroirs.

The reds are in the range of red fruits and fresh fruits. Good harmonious wine with tannins, acidity and body. This 2010 freshness is a perfect illustration of the Burgundy Pinot Noir wines.

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